1. Let’s carve out a moment from time. A bijou keepsake from the cool uncut marble of the evening.

    5 days ago

  2. Nie czekaj: czytaj!

    "Don’t wait: read!"

    Polish pro-literacy slogan.

    Sorta wordplay.

    Ironic if the grammar’s wrong.

    1 week ago

  3. I don’t enjoy reading, but I enjoy having read.

    1 month ago

  4. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

    1 month ago

  5. Auguries of Indolence

    To see the world as a grain of sand
    And the tedium of the flower,
    To have infinite distraction right at hand
    but feel an eternity in an hour.

    2 months ago

  6. Words are tenacious. Dangerous. Often the words stay while the feelings fall away.

    2 months ago

  7. Uncovering Hidden Meaning in Conversation by Noticing Grammar

    Imagine someone says “I live with my parents” and another says “I’m living with my parents”. At first blush they seem to be two equally acceptable ways of saying the same thing: that the speaker currently lives with their parents. However, knowledge of the grammatical distinctions between these two ways of saying it can reveal extra information about the speaker’s meaning that they perhaps did not intend to show. “I live” is in present simple tense, whilst “I’m living” is in present continuous tense. This may seem a purely academic (and boring) distinction, but each tense actually has different distinct uses and the competent user of English will subconsciously select the one most appropriate for their situation. By analysing the likely reasons for their choice we can infer more information from their statement than the individual words suggest.

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    2 months ago

  8. Those with low self-esteem generally denigrate their ability to do most things, except their ability to judge themselves fairly, which is, ironically, usually the thing they’re worst at.

    2 months ago

  9. Here’s a video I recorded of myself reading one of my spoken-word poems for an online charity slam.

    2 months ago

  10. Here’s a recording of a radio short I wrote. No comments about bad acting please.

    2 months ago